Get Rid of Fashion Art Once and For All


While fashion and art have long been intertwined, they’ve never been equals. But, thanks to the internet, we now live in an age where they aren’t always mutually exclusive. The resulting duality of power gives the fashion world the chance to showcase the best of both worlds. So, it’s no surprise that the fashion-obsessed have become a driving force in the museum world.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you should feel left out in the cold. As a matter of fact, the art world is a thriving ecosystem of creative thinkers and doers. This is especially true of artists in the fashion sphere. A new wave of designers are making headlines. Some are taking the cue from fashion connoisseurs and putting their own spin on the industry. One of them is creating clothing made from recycled plastic. Not only are they recycling their waste, but they’re also producing new fibers. In addition, a new generation of fashion-obsessed millennials are taking the lead on the hipster clones of the past.

Taking the aforementioned concept a step further, some innovative designers are using reclaimed polyester to create a slurry that can be transformed into a futuristic millennial pink jumpsuit. And, they’re doing it all for a price. They even plan on releasing a limited edition collection next year. What do you result think? Is this the fashion industry’s next big thing? It’s definitely worth a look. And, hey, maybe you’ll see your favorite designer pop up on the runway for the first time in years!