The Relationship Between Fashion and Art


The relationship between fashion and art is long standing. Many of the best known designers have been inspired by some form of art. Whether it is an iconic work of art or an artist’s life story, fashion and art are both forms of self expression.

Although there is no single best way to define art and fashion, there is no question that the relationship is strong. A good example is the relationship between Yves St Laurent and Andy Warhol. Throughout the 1990s, YSL’s designs were influenced by Warhol’s pop art and edgy aesthetic.

While the connection between art and fashion is not new, it has never been stronger. Luxury fashion brands are making strategic moves to bridge the gap between the two. They are commissioning art from established artists and collaborating with emerging talent.

As a result of the digital world’s need for brands to remain relevant, some of the biggest names in the industry are incorporating art into their collections. Giorgio Armani, Jonathan Anderson, and Loewe all talk about the role of craft in contemporary design.

For instance, Jeff Koons has designed bags and accessories with famous artwork. He has also collaborated with Louis superstep.

The fashion industry isn’t exactly known for its design savvy, but it’s hard to deny that the AW16 fashion shows had a significant number of works that looked like they were lifted directly from the pages of an art magazine. This included the famous ‘Lobster Dress’, a collaboration between Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali.