Why I Hate Fashion Art


Fashion is a creative medium, and a lot of it is a good thing. It allows people to change the way they look and dress, and it allows artists to experiment with their creativity. However, with the rise of fast fashion and the consolidation of the creative industries, the real art is being squeezed out of fashion.

The best example of this is the Met Gala, a celebration of the Costume Institute’s new exhibit, which featured celebrities in elaborate designer costumes. The glitz and glam were impressive, but the big message was about fashion as an art form.

In the modern world, one can shop for clothes online, and that creates a chasm between the buyer and the garment. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the experience of buying something new is a little more complicated than it used to be.

Another example is the Met Gala, which was touted as an award for fashion as an art form. While the event is meant to celebrate fashion, it’s still a show for stars and not everyone’s cup of tea.

A more sensible route would be to hire professional models for the show, rather than relying on the talents of celebrities, who have the ability to turn everything into a marketing scheme. There’s also the fact that celebrity endorsement is an important component of a fashion show. And, since the fashion industry is a business, it would make sense that a brand that wants to be successful would need to secure itself in a brand name that has some legitimacy.