Why Most FASHION ART Fails


Why most fashion art fails to deliver on the mark. It’s not that there aren’t many artists that make it big in the industry. Those that do have the luxury of being able to make the most of their clout. Among the many perks are a slew of creative licenses, which are matched by an equal number of slush funds to boot. Despite the aforementioned advantages, most artists still feel the pinch. In short, it’s just like the old saying goes. Fortunately, there are solutions to this conundrum. With the right mix of partners, artists can now assemble the pieces of the aforementioned art and bring the magic to life. This could mean the world to some of the more seasoned veterans in the game. For starters, a more balanced portfolio of creatives would a be a win-win for all concerned. A better business model, a more engaged creatives, and an increase in funding would all go a long way towards a more satisfying business. Hopefully, this will be the harbinger of many more successful years to come. To get there, we’ll need a better system of checks and balances. We’ll also need to redouble our efforts to tackle such problems as racial biases, wage and emolument discrimination, and the myriad other maladies that plague our nation’s garment workers.